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Hp54501a "check bnc cable connection errorwhile

Question asked by Mrdouble on Feb 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2012 by bret
I just got this 54501a off eBay. The self diagnostics are all successful but the self calibration (vertical and delay) always fail. I have a generic bnc to bnc cable and a 20ohm load resistor. I have tried with and without the resistor and always comes back with "check bnc cable connections". Do I really need a 90$ hp bnc cable for this? If I do, does anyone have the part number, I can't find it.
I did read somewhere on the web the if it comes back with this error I need to call tech support.

I have read other posts that say as long as its a hobbie scope( which mine is) don't worry about calibration as long as its close. Here's the problem. It's not, on a fairly stable .5 v square wave input, it's registering like .02v.

It would be nice to get it somewhere in the ballpark lol

Thanks I. Advance