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Desiderata: 3000X, new Trigger Source for the Wave Generator

Question asked by flanguasco on Jan 22, 2012
Today, if the WaveGen option is installed, there is the possibility to select the WaveGen as trigger source or to use the Waveform Generator Sync Pulse as external trigger but, reading the manual:

... WaveGen — triggers at the 50% level of the rising edge of the waveform generator output signal ...


The Sync signal is a TTL positive pulse that occurs when the waveform rises above zero volts (or the DC offset value).

This is perfectly fine for waveforms like Sine, Square, Pulse, etc... that cross the zero volts level just once per period (that is the inverse of the WaveGen Frequency setting) but the addition, in the last firmware release, of the Arbitrary waveform has added a new dimension to the Wave Generator possibilities and the presently available WaveGen trigger is not, to me, anymore sufficient.

Take, for instance, the case when you have downloaded to the Arbitrary a complex wave, e.g. a PRN (Pseudo Random Noise) or a Sine sweep: to get a stable trigger on these waves is very difficult, if not impossible, because of the multiple crossing, in the waveform period, of the zero volts level.

And to have a trigger event synchronized with the wave period is very, very useful if you want to average the acquired signals (to increase the S/N ratio, penalized by the 8 bits acquisition).
Think about using the PRN as a stimulus for calculating the frequency response of a circuit, to characterize an impedance, etc...

I therefore suggest that in the future, next firmware release, there should be one more Trigger source, synchronous with the Frequency set in the WaveGen softkey label.

... unless there is already a way to do all this, possibility that I haven't yet discovered ...

Ciao, curious to hear your comments.