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problems connecting with Intuilink data capture

Question asked by olip on Dec 8, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2008 by dnt
Hi there,

I'm trying to connect to an MSO6032A scope using Intuilink Data Capture (V3.51) over LAN.

I have installed I/O Libraries V15.0.11221.0 and this appraently connects to the scope with no problems.

However when I start Intuilink it can't find the instrument - when I select "Agilent 6000 Series" from the list the i/o address is fixed on GPIB, and when I click on Find Instrument it searches busses and comes up with a dialog only containing COM1.

Both utilities were downloaded from the Agilent website today...

Any ideas? (I can access the scope via web browser, so clearly have connection to it.)