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54600A soft menu keys inoperative

Question asked by carlw on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2012 by MCDM
Most of the soft keys on my HP 54600A do not work.  Here's the details: I noticed that the display was triggering on Ch 2 and wanted to change to Ch 1.  I pressed the trigger source key to bring up the source menu which shows Ch 2.  Pressing any of the four keys does not make a change.  I then tried the trigger mode button and the mode menu came up showing normal trigger.  The only key that worked was the 5th from the left.  The trigger mode is now set for TV which doesn't help very much and none of the menu keys are operative. At the minimum I would like to change to trigger on either Ch 1 or 2 and may not need to make other changes.  I use the digital oscilloscope mainly for development of op amp circuits running at 6 - 10 Hz.  Suggestions?

A second question: are there repair shops for this CRO?