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54825N Attenuator troubleshooting

Question asked by lhiga on Jan 27, 2009
Latest reply on May 31, 2010 by ericmax
Hello Folks,

  I am trying to get to the attenuator on the acquisition board.  The Agilent Service Manual says to 1st remove the acquisition board.  I go to the acquisition board removal and the procedure says to remove the Quick-Probe subpanel assy.  Now the service manual calls the quick-probe the Auto-Probe .  But anyway the procedure says to use a small screw driver or slender pointed object through the access hole between attenuator 2 & 3.and push the Auto-Probe assy away from the panel assy.  Now I tried this and the probe assy does not want to come away from the front panel assy.  Is there something else that I either should be removing before the auto probe assy will pull away from the front panel assy.  Is removing the Auto-Probe assy really necessary to remove the acquisition board?