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Glitch when using Wave Gen in Pulse mode

Question asked by rainman50 on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2012 by ksmith
I have a DSO-X 3024A scope. I recently downloaded the Wave Gen trial period function. I noticed that when in the pulse generator mode that when the pulse width is changed with the control **** there is a glitch produced in the generated pulse train. Say I have a frequency of 24 KHZ (period of 41.6 uS). Most every time I turn the **** to change the pulse duration there is a high time typically of about 134 uS produced. This time varies some. This is quite unacceptable in the application that I need to use it. I assume it is a hardware/software limitation that causes it. I was hoping that there would be an update that might fix this but the most recent firmware upgrade did not change it. I was going to get this since this function is super over a wide dynamic range. Anyone else notice this in using the generator in the pulse mode?

This only occurs just after the change in pulse width happens (**** rotated). It remains constant duty cycle  as long as the pulse duration is not being changed.

See attached pic. On my computer the pic was displayed properly.