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DSO6104A/DSO6032A Self-Calibration for selected channels ?

Question asked by wsand on Dec 15, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2008 by tonykara001
DSO6104A/DSO6032A  Self-Calibration for selected channels ?

We have some DSO 6104A's and DSO6032A's  working in  PSU test stations.
After overloading a single  input due to malfunction of some boards tested further use of the DSO's  on other channels is impossible since the self-cal feature will stop at the damaged channel . Is there a way to force the self cal to ignore the bad channel ?. 

On a couple of DSO6032A's we  noted that the PCB was burned  direct at the input (BNC soldered to the PCB and the Ground trace (forms a "spark gap")).
The generated  carbon reduced the input resistance so the selfcal failed . On those scope's no further damage was  found (Great input design ) and after removing of the "Carbon " selftest and calibration passed fine .On those scopes we are using now external fast suppressors to prevent further damage.