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Infiniium connectivity with VSA

Question asked by FahimUrRehman on Oct 31, 2008
Dear Friends
I have already raised the problem of infiniium 80204B is not connected to 89601A VSA, but the problem exists.
Problem detail is,
1.     Infiniium 80204B Oscilloscope.
2.     VSA used: version 6.x and 9.x (licensed versions)
3.     Options 200 and 300 are purchased.
4.     When VSA is loaded, a Warning message is displayed: "Cannot find a support input .Input will simulate an Agilent VSA E1439 70 MHz IF 95 Ms/Sec ADC"
5.     Factory installed Version was 6.x.
6.     I installed the free updates from Agilent which is 9.x.
7.     During installation the option of "Hardware Support" was grayed (disabled).
8.     I executed Agilent connection expert
9.     I clicked on GPIB0 it displayed the following,
VISA interface ID.               GPIB0
Serial number                    MY12345678
GPIB address                     21
System controller               YES
SICL interface                     gpib0
Logical Unit                    9
Board number                     0 (GPIB0)
Auto discover                    YES
Please guide me to resolve the problem so that maximum utilization of the equipment is made and my investment is not wasted.
Regard Fahim