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Acquire/Average mode algorithm

Question asked by claudiog on Jan 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by ksmith
Trying to use the Averaging mode Acquisition with MSO 7054B and didn't find in scope manual a detailed description of the algorithm and parameters used for averaging: what is the formula of any point on the screen after triger? Probaly linear An(i) = An-1(i) + [Xn(i) - An-1(i)]/n is used and switched sometime to exponential (what equation).
Avgs parameter definition also confuses me. Help says : "number of triggers to be averaged together" while remote ref guide says:
"The COUNt value determines the number of averages that must be acquired."
What exactly means "Averages" above? - either display points or triggers? How the acquision restart after Count is reached?
How can we estimate the averaging time vs. triger period?
Will somebody please point me to a relevant material?