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Defective DSO-X3024A

Question asked by hacklordsniper on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by Tarloth

i woonder does somebody have any experience with this problem like i have. Folks on the EEVblog suggested i write my problem here since Agilent rep (or Agilent) does not respond about any warranty claims denying the repair or replace of the unit. Eventually i got a personal message on the blog from some guy which represented as Agilent worker and said they will ship me a new replacement scope but that was all as he never responded again.

My DSO-X3024 is stuck in boot cycle, reseting itself all the time at the end of boot cycle. Sometimes (in one of ~50 tries every 5 days) it will boot and work somehow with quite of other problems.

My story:

I ordered my unit as soon they were announced in sales and got a quite long waiting time quote. Ok i paid my invoice and waited until the day came. Few days later after the due date scope still did not arrive and the Agilent rep decided to gave me their "demo" scope and they will take my late scope when it arrives for themself. Since they gave me a demo scope they decided they cannot issue me a invoice but warranty remains. The scope died in few days and upon a reclamation they said Agilent will not honor warranty because its demo unit and i dont have any rights.

Is this the Agilents way to go after i spend alot of money on this scope? Even if the distributeur which is official Agilent sold me a demo unit (telling me at point of sale i will have full warranty) its a genuine Agilent DSO-X3024 A and should be replaced or repaired. I can say for sure i will never allow any more Agilent gear to come on my bench or will any of my friends, co-workers, employers or partners. Googling for Agilent problems get alot of complaints with their scopes and multimeters (even the demo unit they gave to Dave at eevblog died but they replaced it because he can generate bad publicity) and me as invidual cant to them nothing while they happily have my money