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SOLT Open circuit capacitance & Short circuit inductance

Question asked by cmwong on Jun 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2009 by SOLT_guy
Hi, as I am quite new to SOLT calibration, I would like to know more in detail as to how to obtain C0 through C3 and L0 through L3 coefficients when specifying in-fixture's Open and Short standards respectively. I have with me an Agilent's Application Note 8510-5B which describes the methods. Kindly pardon my understanding in Page 10 of the document, it seems that we can directly measure the effective open capacitance. What we need is to arbitrary define the C0 through C3 coefficients and solve the formula so that the resultant is equal to the measured effective capacitance. Am I correct? In addition, how do we determine which frequency for measurement? Do we use the Fmax in my sweep range? Are there alternative methods to obtain the coefficients? Is there experts who can advice me? Thanks very much in advance.