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TNC User Characterization with Ecal Module

Question asked by pennsy on Aug 12, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2008 by bhokkan
We recently needed to add a new TNC Cal kit, developed by Agilent,  to our N5230A 2 port in its PnaCalkit directory.   We have an SMA to TNC female adaptor on each port of our ECal module.  Following the steps in Help manual,  I performed a User Chacterization after the mechanical calibration.  This seemed to go fine.   When going back thru the Cal Wizard, for the ECAL module with the TNC adaptors on each port, I get an error:  Unable to compute Calibration steps.

Do I need to possibly copy my TNC Cal Kit Data to the Example A Kit file for it to see the TNC user Characterization since it part of the factory cal kits?
Upon reading further it looks like it might be the case.  Want to verify?