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Agilent Network Analyzer Definitions

Question asked by SOLT_guy on Jun 18, 2009
I was reading "Network Analyzer Error Models and Calibration Methods" written by Douglas Rhytting.

Page 6 sets forth the "error model for forward direction".

Can these terms please be mathematically defined:

M1 = Match at Port 1

MS = Match of Source

MC = Match of cables and Connectors

With respect to each of these terms, the term "match" is utilized.   Please clearly define the match "with respect to" ... all components (or subsystems) which comprise the definition. 

Also, on page five, with respect to the "Foward Direction Block Diagram", Mr Rhytting states:

In most modern network analyzers the A/D digitizes directly at the
IF and the detection is done in the digital domain

Can you please state, or show in a schematic diagram (preferred method), how the IF frequency is directly digitized?

Thank you for your consideration.