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Effective directivity PNA E8364B

Question asked by ulw on Jul 31, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2008 by daveb
There are effective parameters for the PNA series specified in data sheet. They apply to
E8362B model only for the case of calibration performed using the 85052B (3,5 mm) Calibration Kit. Will those parameters be true for the E8364B model with 85130F precision adapters applied and calibrated using the same 85052B Calibration Kit?

Test measurements of effective directivity performed had shown the result of 40 dB instead of the specified 44 dB. What are the exact reliable parameters of analyzer should be in that case? What should we account for?

All measurements were performed using never before used E8364B with 85130F precision adapters applied and calibrated with 85052B kit. Environmental requirements were met as also was the required warm up time. Effective directivity was measured according to method described in Anritsu Application Note "Reflectometer Measurements – Revisited" (with 3,5 mm airline from 85053B verification kit and the 20 dB Anritsu offset load).