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PNA measurement uncertainty

Question asked by cmkrf on Sep 14, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2009 by Dr_joel
     I'm doing 2-port passive measurements with SOLT probe calibrations (PNA 8364B).  I'm trying to calculate the measurement uncertainty in transmission S21 measurements.  The VNA uncertainty calculator does not have probe cal kits, so I cannot use that. 

I've seen the 12-error term equations in Agilent application notes (AN 1287-3, Figure 5 and Figure 14) , so I try to use those equations, but the uncertainties I get are unreasonable (~10dB).  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong in the procedure.  So, please help me clarify some of the following issues.

1) In those equations, are the error terms (directivity, source match, transmission tracking, ....)  raw or residual?
2) How can I get the 12 residual error terms?  From PNA, I exported 12 error terms through "Cal Set Viewer", and used them in the equations.  They seem quite large;  transmission tracking term is -12dB at 20GHz.   Are they corrected residual error terms or raw error terms?  
3) Should I use the measured S21 from VNA to calculate the uncertainty?  Or do I have to calculate S21_a first using equations in Figure 5, then calculate the uncertainty using Figure 14 equations?
4) For the measured S21 saved from VNA,  is it S21_m or S21_a in those equations?

Please advise me if there are other ways to find the uncertainty.
thank you very much.