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Dielectric Probe Kit 85070E does not find Ecal 85091C

Question asked by alessliber on Jun 19, 2008

Our customer has problem with Ecal and 85070E application. Equipment is:
- Dielectric Probe Kit 85070E
- Ecal 85091C
- ENA 5071C

Customer has first download latest 85070E application found here (, because application on CD was sending some error during installation.

During installation 85091C Ecal’s USB driver on ENA was everything fine (ENA shows that they are installed correct and ready to use).

Here appears problem - Dielectric Probe Kit cannot recognize correctly installed Ecal. What could be the problem? We change Ecal to all different USB ports on ENA and also on PC but without success. Dielectric Probe Kit simply does not recognize Ecal.

I have also 1 more question regarding all this equipment. Is it possible to access saved data of calibration made with Dielectric Probe Kit with VEE?

Thank you!
Ales Sliber