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E5071C User Defined Waveguide CalCoef Issues

Question asked by WalterPeterson on Jul 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2010 by odanzy
I've seen the latest Modifying Calibration Kit Definition web link.  It is of no help for this issue, so don't bother sending me back to it.  The guide speaks of an example of a user wanting to use 3 short standards in place of an Open/Short/Load, but doesn't show an example.  Changing a standard Label from Female to Male is fine, but not what I need.

The method of inputting Cal Co-ef data hasn't changed in 20 years and doesn't seem to work for this box.  I'll admit I'm not an expert and I can't remember everything or every joke I've ever heard.  However, I've used everything from an 8542 on up ( and entering Cal Kit data has never been as easy as it should be. I'm renting a E5071C for evaluation while we set up the Lease Purchase, and this issue will kill the purchase if it's not ready to go to work tomorrow.

A WRD650 Cal kit uses 2 shorts, a Load & a Thru.  I defined these easy enough.  Setting the Classes is where the problem is.  Class 1 which is normally an Open needs to be a Short.  I defined it as a Short and linked it to the defined 1/8 Offset Short.  Class 2 which is normally a Short was easy, and I linked it to the defined 3/8 Short. Class 3 is linked to the defined Load and Class 4 is linked to the defined Thru.  Piece of cake so it seems.

Return to the top Calibration Menu and start a 1-port calibration and it wants a Short, but then gives me 2 options 1/8 or 3/8.  One or the other & you can't do both. You can then do the Load, but a standard is missing and you can't complete the calibration.

I've tried to trick it by entering the Defining the 1/8 Short data as an Open, and use Class1 as an Open as well.  This results in a completed cal that is clearly broken and unusable.  If my Forum profile had my phone number I would have you call me ASAP.  I'll check for a here for a fix, first thing in the morning, and if no joy, I'll call the 800 number and bother the list of usual suspects who I miss anyways.

PS: Neglecting to preload your latest ENAs & PNAs with every conceivable Standard Waveguide Cal kit is shameful and should be an embarrassment.  Furthermore, they are not posted for easy access either.  It’s not like a Windows based appliance doesn’t have hard drive space for it, or that Agilent couldn’t organize it properly.  Is it just because they don’t sell those Cal kits?