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Using ecal reflection tracking residual term

Question asked by khaynes on May 5, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2010 by Dr_joel

When I look at a cal report on my ecal it shows source match, reflection tracking, and directivity all at low rho values along with worst per frequency segment.
Another section shows measurements of the ecal parameters - not asking about that.

When I extract the residuals from the calibration of the e8361a in real,imaginary the vector of the source match and directivity are also low rho values but the reflection tracking term vector is near 1.  I've noted specs are also different directivity and source match xx db reflection tracking 0.0x db.

This doesn't seem to impact differences between calibrations using different cal kits, but I'd like to use the RT term in a one port uncertainty equation to see the effect of changes over time and with connector wear.

How should I convert the real img RT data to multiply with rho measured plus directivity plus source match rho^2.