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8753ES Refl Tracking System Performance with 85032F

Question asked by shizuo-y on Apr 21, 2010
Latest reply on May 13, 2010 by shizuo-y

Could I have a advice that may help my 8753ES + 85032F set can verify phase tracking performance of OPEN standard devices of other calinration kit such as 85032B ?

I'm trying to cross-check my Type-N calibration kits and could see the performance of 8753ES calibrated with 85032F may have reflection phase measurement accuracy of roughly +/- 2.5 degree or so.   8753ES with 85032B cal kit was OK , it' s performance meets system specification of < +/-0.4  with OPEN standards of other cal kits.   8753ES with 85032B set is usable for me to check other 85032B or 85032F upto 6GHz.  However, 8753ES with 85032F set is not.

I triedd to optimize offset delay data of 85032F cal kit contained in the 8753ES firmware ( define user kit ). Reduced slightly around from 45.955ps to somewhere around 44.53ps.  That was worked partially, measured reflection phase response of OPEN standards of 85032B kis could get closer to it's modeled value.  But phase responses of SHORT devices got worse instead. 
I tried also to redefine OPEN standards of 85032F kit on my 8753ES with C0 - C3 copied from other VNA but that didn't give a better results.

Is there a better way to optimize performance of 8753ES + 85032F in reflection phase measurement ?

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