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85033C Cal Kit - Verification

Question asked by SOLT_guy on Jul 4, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2009 by daveb
Dear Sir:

      Some Agilent engineers have proposed a method to characterize the offet delay of standards, whereby one standard (often, the "short" standard) is assigned a zero offset delay, and another standard (often, the "open") is assigned an offset delay value which is relative to the offset delay of the first standard.  This method is often utilized when fixturing is required.

     I looked at the 85033C 3.5 mm cal kit:

The short offset delay is specified as:  0.016695 G/n.

The open offset delay is specified as: 0.014491 G/n

      If the 85033C cal kit offset delay values of the short and open were modified such that:

Short Offset Delay:  0.0 G/n

Open Offset Delay:  -0.002204 G/n

were entered in the cal kit definition.  (NOTE:  0.14491 - 0.016695 = -0.002204 or 2.204 pico*Seconds)

Could entering these values into the 85033C cal kit lead to a measurement error, whereby the new open and short offset delay values could adversely affect other measurements?  *Please take notice of the minus sign which was inserted into the open offset delay cal kit.

Thank you for your past replies.