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Calibration questions on X-parameter measurement in PNA-X

Question asked by dahuang on Dec 5, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by daras
To Whom It May Concern,

First of all, thanks for your notice on this post.

I recently performing a measurement of X-parameters on NVNA software in a PNA-X N5245A four port nonlinear network analyzer.

When going through the measurement procedure, I notice that in order to measure a corrected phase signal for the harmonic signals, X-parameter is need. And I take the setup which use the 10MHz signal from the back panel as the phase reference signal for both fundamental and harmonic waves measured.

My initial trial without calibration is unsuccessful, in which there is no calibration. The measured harmonic signal has a lot of oscillation in it.

Next when I am trying to perform an calibration in NVNA, I notice there are three types of calibration procedure: vector calibration, phase calibration, and amplitude calibration. I performed vector calibration with an E-cal, and going to perform an phase calibration. Then here raised my question: is the amplitude calibration required in the process? Since I only have E-cal and phase calibration tools at hand. No power meter/sensor is available in our lab. I am wondering whether it is strict requirement to perform an amplitude calibration for x-parameter measurement?

Since we are more interested in the frequency dependent response, not the amplitude dependent response.  And our ultimate goal is to measure the phase and amplitude information for the second harmonic or third harmonic signal at port 3 when there is a relative strong pump signal from port 1. device is connected between port 1 and 3 in the 10MHz as reference signal setup.

Thanks in advance.