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Calibration with Probes

Question asked by garypang on May 3, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by Dr_joel

I have a question on the calibration method for my test system.

I have 2 picoprobes connected to Port1 and Port2 of the PNA and a 1m long RF cable connected to the Port3.
I have a cal-substrate for the probes, and also an E-Cal.

I am figuring how can I calibrate out all the cable and probes at once.
Whats in my mind is calibrate out the probes (Port1 and Port2) with the calibration substrate. Then get the s2p file of the 1m long RF cable and deembed it at Port3.

Anyone has a better suggestion on the calibration method for this test setup?

Really appreciate if someone can provide your feedback on this.

Thank you.