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Src Leveling + Rx Leveling + Fixturing in FOM

Question asked by nbaliga on May 18, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by nbaliga
We would like to use Src Leveling, Rx Leveling, and Fixturing in FOM to measure a translating DUT

It seems that Rx Leveling does not work in FOM.
I tried the Primary/Source adjustments suggested in a different thread but Rx Leveling did not work.

I tried using Rx Leveling in a VMC channel, which doesn't error out, but it does not let me do a Rx Power Cal...which we need

I tried an external switch in our rack that  switches between the source signal (UL Freq) and ref mixer output (DL Freq) to see if I can let the Rx level to the UL freq, then switch back to the ref mixer for the measurement portion, but as soon as I switch back to the ref mixer output (DL freq), the Rx leveling kicks in and ramps the source way up, then fails.

I also thought about doing the rx leveling in non-translated mode, downloading the correction, then switching to FOM and using Src Leveling exclusively (with fixturing)....but was not sure how to do this or if it is feasible at all.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!