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Cal Kit Offset Delay and Offset Loss of a Fixed Load

Question asked by SOLT_guy on May 7, 2011
Dear Sir:

         Let's say you have an offset load which is connected on each side by an offset length of wire.   One wire connects to the measurement port (port 1 in this case) and then to the load and the other wire is connected to the other side of the load and then to ground.  Each wire offset is of equal physical length with respect to the other, we will say each offset is 1 mm in length.  

         If one were forced to estimate the equivalent offset time delay of the load for the purpose of inputting the offset time delay as a cal kit load definition, for perfect calibration, does the network analyzer expect to see the offset time delay to the load which is equivalent to the one way travel time to the load (a time equivalent to 1 mm length of travel time) input into cal kit definition or the total offset time delay including the time length of the wire going to ground (2mm length total transformed to a time equivalent)?

         Similarly, what is the ideal "offset loss" equivalent values that the network analyzer expects to see  input into its a cal kit definition with respect to estimating the offset loss - whereby there exist two offset lengths of wire.  Should one estimate for one offset length of wire or two offset lengths of wire?

         In reply, can you please clearly specify the mm lengths that you will be referring to so there is no room for interpretation?

         Thank you for your time.    Your replies are appreciated.