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PNA-X SMC+Phase cal questions

Question asked by rok on May 4, 2011
Latest reply on May 4, 2011 by daras

I am trying to use the smc+phase measurement channel to take a phase shift and group delay measurement for a downconverter. I had a preexisting channel for which I performed a calibration on it already, but did not perform the calibration mixer portion of it. (just did the power sensor and then the e-cal kit steps only). But I was able to get a decent looking SC21 group delay measurement. My first question is how "valid" is this measurement? Or do I have to perform the 'calibration mixer' portion of the cal for it to be valid. My second question is if I perform the calibration mixer characterization and save it as a .s2p file using 1 pna-x setup, can I reuse this file on a different pna-x system with its own external signal generator for generating the LO for the mixer? Or do I have to re-characterize the calibration mixer on each and every different pna-x system setup? My last question is if my DUT downconverter has an internal LO doubler, does my calibration mixer also have to have an internal LO doubler operation, or can it be a regular non-doubler LO mixer?

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