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Uncertainty Calculation of the E5071C Frequency Offset Modul

Question asked by BobTheBee on Apr 7, 2011
I've looked through this forum searching for answers to my question but have not been able to find anything.  Hopefully I am not duplicating a topic.

I've done RF design for quite some time but I've not been exposed to uncertainty calculations until just this year.

My question regards uncertainty calculations of the E5071C Frequency Offset Module (FOM).  I read through the manual on the 5071 and papers about the FOM around the first of 2011.  At that time it was an academic exercise for me with no direct application at work.  I've slept since I read those manuals so I've forgotten all of it.  Now I'm tasked with actually doing the calculations in a short time along with other calculations. 

My requirement is to calculate the amplitude and frequency uncertainty when measuring the harmonic amplitude and frequency of a 1 GHz fundamental signal out to the fifth harmonic.  I haven't set up the system equation or done anything else yet.  I intend to work on that over the weekend.  What I'm hoping for is a little nudge toward some reference material that would be of help.  A reference that explains uncertainty calculations in general would also be helpful.