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Test Fixture Calibration

Question asked by jaz on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by Dr_joel

My objective is to calibrate my test fixture. Test fixture consist of two signal input. I have built in open short load and thru for calibration purpose. My test fixture is design to have 50 ohms trace. (How to check if my traces achieve 50 ohm impedance after fabricated?)

First ambiguity: Do i need to define a new PNA calibration kit) If yes, how to get test fixture substrate data such as open capacitance polynomial, delay characteristic and loss).
As i do not know how to get those data, i assume it to be zero delay, zero loss and zero capacitance and inductance and 50 ohms impedance arbitrary.
With the assumption, i proceed to define new calibration kits for my test fixture and calibration. However, i found my data especially in low frequency is very noisy and so does the phase data. I can not figure out the reason and hope if any of you can enlighten me.

Thank you in advance for assisting me on my calibration problem.