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Question asked by hussein on Jul 1, 2009
to calculate uncertainty of VNA 8720C

hello to all,
My project is to calculate tne uncertainty of the VNA 8720C with the
verification kit 85053 and the calibration kit 85052

1) The first procedure is as they say in the Service manual to compare
measures of uncertainty must be subtracted the factor of uncertainty of
measurement in 8510 shipped with the kit
verification from the total measurement uncertainty

2) the second procedure I made using the calibration kit
calibration, and I did the test to be sure that the curve of S11
and S21 is between two limits Upper limit and lower limit and
analyzer PASS marked me for all the measure that is for
(attenuator 40 and 20 dB, airline 25 and 50 ohm)
After each error term is a test number and so I
made the measurement error terms 6 (directivity, source match, load match,
Transmission Tracking, Reflection Tracking , isolation(crosstalk)) and I
traced the curves in the excel file.

Currently I did the calculation errors for the module (magnitude
errors) in transmission and in reflection and I applied all
equations error just by removing the noise floor as they say
it is canceled with avreging.

That's the general idea of what I did for the moment, I
to have your opinion on this work if it is reasonable or not, and does
curve that represents the uncertainty of my system in reflection and in
If one step is not clear to you I can re-explain
this procedure to meet me on the nuances that I have to read of this work.hussein
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