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High pass filter

Question asked by cgth on Jan 25, 2004
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2006 by kkladopoulos
Im very new to ADS (used cadence for 15 years...)
I need to insert a high pass filter (at baseband) in an simulation I copied from "examples".
1) Since I could not find a timed HP filter I made a new block wich
summed the BB signal minus a low pass filtered version of the BB signal. mathematically this is OK
but is this the way to do it in ptolemy?
2) I got warnings about having to long Tstep.
Changing the Tstep in FloatToTimed was not correct
since it seems to change tho whole sampling process for FFT etc.
So instead I UpSample of 4 before the filter and DownSampe by 4 after. Is this OK?
Will this UpSample be a zero order hold or a first order hold?