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Simulating a PIFA &nbspAntenna in momentum

Question asked by PRABATH on Dec 8, 2003
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2003 by ALEPEREZ
What is the best approach to simulate a PIFA (Planner Inverted-F Antenna). These type of antennas have one edge of the top conductor (square patch) connected to ground plate and all other three edges open. Feed point is through a coax probe through ground plane, which connects to top conductor

Physically it look like this;

|GND|            |probe|
-----------------   |   ---------------------GND

The approach I came up is to use, two substrates, to make up the spacing between ground plane and the top conductor. Substrate properties defined as for free space.  As for the probe, a via was used to connect cond1 to cond2. I had to draw a small patch of conductor in cond2 as you cant directly connect internal port to a via.

Free space
-------Strip cond2
Msubair1  Via pcvia1
------- Strip cond1
Msubair1  Via vpcvia2

For the grounded edge, I drew a strip of conductor, and copied it to picvia1 and picvia2. I am wondering about the validity of this approach. Is there any other way that I could do it?