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EM/circuit co-sim

Question asked by Anurag007 Employee on Oct 4, 2004
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2004 by ALEPEREZ
I was trying to perform EM/Circuit co-sim for a C-band MESFET Amplifier which uses a Non-Linear model for MESFET device alongwith high impedance quarter wavelength line in the bias path thru which DC bias is connected, but the problem is that EM/Circuit co-sim doesn't take DC into account. Somebody told me that I have to include DC point in my EM simulation but my amplifier design is in 5-6 GHz range and there is no frequency point which can be added during EM/Circuit co-sim, it only accepts one frequency sweep, does it mean that I have to simulate my amplifier from DC-6 GHz to take into account the biasing to MESFET.
Please help ASAP.