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DataAccessComponent and Dataset

Question asked by STRASSEG on Apr 15, 2004
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2004 by nilesh1
Hi *,
i have already posted this question in the thread "How to sweep string value?" , but i think i should be place my it in an own task:

i currently trying to access a dataset via the DAC.
my problem is the following:
in a dataset i have the results of a sweeped simulation.
what-function in data-display shows:
0      Dependency  : [ind,Index]
1      Num. Points : [10, 101  ]
2      Matrix Size : scalar    
3      Type        : Real    
N1 is the instance of numerical-sink
so in fact 10 sweeps with each 101 samples.

now i want to simulate over these 10 sweeps again.
by the help of the numeric-source element i get access to the different sweep results (N1[0,::]....N1[9,::])
but its is very uncomfortable, because i wanna use this with different dataset, and these datasets have different count of sweeps.

in the data-sheet the function sweep-size gives me the number of sweeps, but in the design i was till now not successfull to use this function anyway.

my idea was now to get out the number of sweeps of the dataset by the help of the DAC.

is this possible? - in which way?

thanks for your help