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Automatic Port Number Assignment

Question asked by SPINNER on Jul 14, 2004
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2004 by mfredrik
Momentum ports re-numbering.

I am using Momentum RF to extract S-matrices of all the wiring within multitransistor blocks of a MMIC chip. Naturally, placing several dozen to a hundered ports (three per transistor) is not too much fun.

I thought that I solved the problem by placing three ports inside the transistor cell, say B,C and E. Then, when transistor cell is flattened I get B1,C1,E1, B2,C2,E2, etc. So far so good.

But, the *port number* is not incremented, but set to either 1, 2 or 3 depending on what it was within the original transistor cell.
Momentum promptly ignores all ports with the same number except for one.

Of course when I place ports manually next available port number is assigned, why does not it do it when ports are created from flattened subcells?

What are my options here? Is there a way to (automatically) renumber ports?