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Resonaor parameters for TLPSC

Question asked by PRABATH on Sep 22, 2004
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2004 by wrivas
I am having bit of trouble simulating coaxial resonators in ADS.

My resonator specifications are;
Size: 6x6
Impedance :6.02Ohm
Freqency: 460MHz
Er :98
Q :330
Plating : Silver

The values I entered on TLPSC;
Z : 6.93Ohm
L :0.648 in
K :98
A :1.2 dB/m
F :460MHz
TanD : 0.00
Mur :1
Tan M : 0.00
Sigma : 0

I have used the Transtech application guide to calculate this values. Can some one confirms these are correct.

I am not getting enough notch depth in my simulation using the above TLPSC model.