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User Compiled Model: Files Out of Synch

Question asked by ADHIVISHNU on Oct 25, 2003
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2003 by ADHIVISHNU

After successfully updating and compiling my model, the "Confirm Files Out-of-Synch" dialog box pops up.

Initially, the model worked fine, but after making updates to the code and recompiling, it says that "one or more files are more current than the executable". As far as I know, I am only working on one file (which is the .c file), and there are no other files that needs to be linked. Why does ADS tell me that there are other files which are more current and need to be linked with my model? What should I do to obtain the model that I have last updated and compiled?

ADS Version: ADS 2002
Platform: Win 2K

Any help would be me much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,