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Question asked by mohsen_eesof on Oct 23, 2003
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2003 by kkladopoulos
Hi there

I am using the berIS and berMC to study the trade-offs between the receiver's phase noise and the BER in a QAM receiver. I have a couple of questions regarding the berIS component.

1- Why the maximum number of samples is restricted to 20000?
2- When I don't include the phase noise of the local oscilator I get a BER waterfall curve which makes sense, but as soon as I include the phase noise instead of seeing a flat residual BER ( starting at some Eb/No value) I just see the same waterfall trend but much worse in values.
3- Most of the time I reach the Maximum number of samples (20000) and the berIS estimations does not work as i expect,  What parameters are to be played with to be on the safe side.
I appreciate if you could give me some links or informations regarding practical ber simulations using berIS.