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Cross-Schematic MeasEqn Access

Question asked by fcolomb on Mar 31, 2003
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2003 by fcolomb
In a given schematic, how can I use the result of a MeasEqn that is located in a different schematic and that is swept by an S-Parameter controller?

Is there for example a way to include a path to point to the correct location?

Or, should I be using a DAC?  I tried using a DAC to read the frequency swept data directly from the dataset but I wasn't quite able to get there. Although the new variable (A in the example below) was available in the data display window, its content was a list of zeros.  I could not find an example that illustrates retrieving swept MeasEqn data from a dataset.  The parameter settings of my DAC were:

file: dataset name  type: dataset
interpmod: valuelookup  interpdom: rectangular
ivar1: "freq"  ival1: freq

Along with this I had a VAR block with A=file{DAC1,"param1"} where param1 is the name of the MeasEqn variable I am trying to retrieve.