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Artwork macro rotates during layout generation

Question asked by vgreer on Sep 10, 2003
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2003 by vgreer
Hello, all,

Version: ADS 2003A

I have several questions below about artwork macros and here's a new one.  

I've got my big, fancy double-spiral transformer all drawn up nice and have been trying to get the new optimization system to use it.  Here's the issue: every time it generates the layout, the artwork macro is rotated by this funky angle, usually about 135degrees, from how I drew it.  Now for a while I figured this was no big deal and that the whole grid may be rotating.  This does not appear to be the case, though, and I recently noticed that the ports brought up by the layout generated by momentum tend to point in any direction except the one I want. I also suspect this is reaking havoc on Momentum's mesher.  

I have been trying to resolve this by looking into the port angle arguments to the de_draw_port() function but best I can tell, those follow the conventions available in Design Kit Development documentation, Ch 6: Design Kit Development for Layout, Adding Layout Artwork, Using Pins in Artwork.  I checked my Momentum Artwork Component Symbol (artwork schematic symbol) and noticed that the port angles listed in there were completely different from those of the pins.  Resetting them to follow the pin in the Design Kit Development documentation didn't help, however, it still rotates.  

Please, tell me, is the angle convention different for artwork component pins?  Has the convention for the de_draw_port() angle argument changed?  Is there something I haven't done that could be causing this?  

Please note, I have generated layouts from the artwork component both with and without other devices connected (sometimes nothing else is in the schematic) and this rotation problem still occurs.  Further, if, after it happens, I select from the menu Layout > Edit/Update Layout and set x-position, y-position, and angle all to zero, it still rotates.  

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thanks all,