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ASCII txt file use in DataAccessComponent

Question asked by kulyk on Aug 30, 2004
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2004 by mfredrik
I would like to use an ASCII data file (.txt) in a DataAccessComponent and need some help.

Some background. I ran a Momentum simulation and acquired S-parameter data for an inductor. The imaginary impedance divided by omega yields "L" which I plotted versus frequency in a data display window plot. The frequency and inductance data was exported to an ASCII text file (first column frequency, second column inductance value).  

What I want to do is use the frequency dependent inductance data for an inductor component in a new S-parameter simulation. I'm not sure how to set up the DataAccessComponent fields to use this ASCII file. In particular, what is the file type that I need to use, and how do I set up the variables, ivar and ival?

The examples I've seen use .s2p or .mdf file types which have a different format than the ASCII data file I would like to use.

I'm probably missing something very basic but at this stage any help will be useful.