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Bsim3v3 (version 3.2) I-V model problem

Question asked by QINGQING on Feb 3, 2004
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2004 by QINGQING
As I tried to transfer Bsim3v3 model from cadence to hpads, I found inconsisent I-V characteristics between the two simulators...

I simulated the Ids-Vgs curve at Vds very small. While in simulation, I turned off all second-order effects (i.e. body-effect, poly-gate effect, short channel, narrow channel, mobility as a function of electric field) to make an ideal mosfet.

The simulated Ids does not increase linearly as Vgs increases in ADS. In cadence, the Ids increases linearly as Vgs increases, the latter is consistent with the model equations. And I checked carefully on the model parameters between ADS and cadence...they are same.

Does anyone know about this? I wonder whether ADS add some additional model in the bsim3v3. Because the supposed ideal mosfet doesn't behave ideal in ADS