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NF in ADS and Spectre

Question asked by JALDUS on Sep 7, 2003
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2003 by JALDUS

I am trying to obtain the same NF value of some mixers in both simulators. But unfortunatelly it is a hard work and still have huge differences between both results (between 1 and 2 dB less in ADS). I Imported the transistor models from Spectre to ADS using the method 'Importing' of ADS. They are MOSFET BSIM3v3 models.
I read your comments about the parameter 'Noimod' and saw that there was a difference due to change this parameter value from 1 to 2. But only about 0.1 dB. So my problem must be another one.
I have read all the information that Agilent Tech. could support us with about NF measurements of mixers.
I have not the knowledge of such issues as the one about 'Noimod' parameter, and wonder if you could help me somehow as I see you have been comparing both Cadence-Spectre and ADS.
I achieved to have same DC operating points, Consumptions, Conversion Gains, IP3s, 1dB Compression Points in both simulation tools. BUT not NF... :-[
I learned and proved how does ADS calculate the NF and it seems to be allright.
I do not know what to do next.???