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User Compiled Models: Compilation Errors

Question asked by ADHIVISHNU on Aug 18, 2003
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2003 by mfredrik

I have just started learning to develop user compiled models. For a start, I`m trying to get familiar with the UCM dialog boxes by simulating example UCM models provided with the ADS package. However, I´m facing compilation errors, which I´m not sure how to tackle. This is what I get:

cl   /W4 /nologo /Dfar=far_p /Dnear=near_p /TC /MD /Zi /Yd     /IG://modelbuilder/include  /D_AFXDLL /DNO_MALLOC_MACRO /DWIN32 /U_WINDOWS /D_CONSOLE /D_MBCS /DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN  /D../hpeesofsim_DLL_BUILD   /c  /Fouserindx.obj userindx.c  
cl: not found
make: *** [userindx.obj] Error 127

Could someone pls enlighten me on this matter? Any help would be much appreciated.