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using TkMeter for measuring power of WLAN source

Question asked by abhimanyus on May 10, 2006
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What is the correct way to measure the output power of a WLAN signal source using the TkPower?

For example, if I directly attach the TkPower to the RF output of the WLAN_80211a_RF (802.11a source with RF modulation), taking care that the output resistance of the source and the reference resistance of the meter are matched, shouldn't that yield the correct result?

My observations-

1. If I take the WLAN_80211a_RF, keep all default paramters, and for a fixed modulator output power, say dbmtow(15), I change the order, the output power measured by the meter changes (with large aberrance > 6 dBm per increase of 1 in the order).
2. Similarly the measured power for many other modulators like 802.11b source, is not the same is set.

Where am I going wrong in using/understanding the TkPower meter?

Thanks in advance.