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Problem about the WLAN design guide

Question asked by SHLEE on Jun 5, 2005
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2005 by xindong
I am using the WLAN design guide with ADS2004A.
In the WLAN design guide, there is a ACR test example of zero-IF 11a system.
In this example, I tried to modified it as a zero-IF system with sensitivity testing of 54 mbps data rate.
What I did are just setting the data rate as 54 (in some blocks), modifying the input power level(SignalPower) as -82dBm (the original is -63dbm), and setting the NF (noise figure) of LNA from 0 to 10dB.
The PER results of the simulation should be different
However, as the Nf varied from 0 to 10dB, the PER results are the same (all are equal to 1)
Thus, is there any suggestion for me to do that?
Thanks a lot!!