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simulating basic circuits with ADS

Question asked by JJJ9 on Mar 16, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2006 by mfredrik

I'd like to simulate a very basic circuit which is a dc power supply, which schematic is here: ... /schem.gif
I'm stucked. I can't resolve 2 problems,

  • Zener diode doesn't exist in ADS or i don't know how to get to it. In documentation is something about "zener" but in devices-diode the zener diode doesn't exist.

  • How can I obtain a valid schematic since in ADS operation amplifier power supply nodes are not visible, and I can connect them to power supply "statically", I mean in above schematic in a link, the power supply is connected to other components, and it determines its behavior also. If I set the parameter for +15 or -15, the behaviour of the circuit doesn't influence on amp.
Can I resolve it? Shall I create somehow a more-pin model of amp or diode model with SDD...? It's really a basic circuit...