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Design Kit Generation

Question asked by ALBUSMW on Feb 27, 2005
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2005 by ALBUSMW

I just try to move 3 designs with .dsn and .ael files to a design kit and have some problems.
The designs are 2 analog and 1 digital.

The following is done:

- ads.lib and boot.ael files is created and works
- design kit can be loaded (-d deamon.log show correct path informations, and Design Kit menu shows correct informations)
- .dsn and .ael are in position as defined in the manual and worked with standard network designs before
- .ael file is compiled to .atf file, so .ael file shall be OK.
- palette definition is done and works (I can see the components and the palette)

If I select the component, I get an error message:

(..\..\..\projects\pde\ael\deitemcb.ael) <Name of component>
Failed to locate the component definition

I also get the error message

(de_load_item_symbol_image) <Name of symbol>
Cannot load component symbol

I am not sure how the relation between the .dsn and .ael file is established.
In my normal designs, they just stand side-by-side, but here they are in different directories.
Is this done via the special design kit structure?

I also tried to strip down the DemoKit example and got errors when I deleted the "records" folder. I then started to add the palette via library_group, but got also errors.

Link to my "crashed" DemoKit:

I think that I just forgot 1 essential part to define, but I am not sure what I am doing wrong ...

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