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Memory allocation failure

Question asked by MCHU8AM4 on Jan 27, 2005
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2006 by mikejvir-
CPU = Intel P4 2.6 GHz HT
Physical memory = 2 GB SDRAM DDR400
Page File = 4 GB
OS = Win XP Pro

The computer has total physical memory of 2 GB with 1.42 GB free before momentum simulation starts. Then the following errors appear:

MomEngine.exe Cmd window opens with:
Error--unable to allocate 929396192 bytes, process may terminate without further warning.

Simulation Status window says:
Error--Memory allocation failure, no more virtual memory available!

Why is it failing to allocate 0.86 GB of physical memory when it has 1.42 GB free?  Further there is plenty of free page file memory.


PS The computer has been upgraded from 1 to 2 GB RAM.