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Analysis of Coplanar Waveguide Circuits

Question asked by fcolomb on Feb 28, 2005
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2005 by fcolomb
How should one setup Momentum for analysis of coplanar circuits.  In particular:

Representing a simple section of coplanar waveguide by the gaps between the conductors which are mapped to slots in Momentum and to coplanar ports works as expected.  But air-bridges are an important part of most coplanar circuits.  How can those be represented?

It seems a solution based on analysis of electric currents rather than equivalent magnetic current may be more versatile.  How would one define ports in this case ? Can the conductors be mapped as strips and can two single ports be defined for the grounds?  These ports would have to be associated to the single port representing the center conductor to define a coplanar port?  Is this what you would recommend?