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Impulse response by piecewise def. time function

Question asked by WSTR on Feb 14, 2005
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2005 by kkladopoulos
I would like to get a impulse response by defining piecewise the output complex samples of the filter. So far I tried to use the component TimedSDC with the pwl() function. Almost what I want, but it works only once for the specified time points and that's it.
But I want to get the output signal each time I have an impulse at the input, like a real filter, and as a consequence all superpositions at the output.
fout = pwl(time, 0ns, 1, 1ns, 0.5, 2ns, 0) -> 1V at t=0ns and 0.5V at t=1ns for any input signal.
I want e.g. for input signal 0ns: 1V, 2ns: 1V the output signal: 0ns: 1V, 2ns: 1.5V, 3ns: 0.5V

Any idea. Thank you Wolfram