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Changing Port Impedances in Visualization

Question asked by fcolomb on Feb 14, 2005
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2005 by fcolomb
Is there a way to change the values of port impedances in Momentum post-processing visualization?

Along with the 'Set Port Solution Weights...' it would be very useful to be able to adjust the port impedances.  Many circuits including interstages of amplifiers have source/load impedances in the 1 to 2 ohm range.  The actual current distribution can be very different than the one for 50ohm ports.

Obviously, the ports can be edited before the Momentum simulation but is there a way to see the effect of changing port impedances withouth re-running the EM-simulation?

The ability to view the current distribution with different termination (and weights) is a feature available in other EM simulators.